Equigardens has the expertise to make the garden or outdoor area more beautiful every year through optimum care. We take care of the complete maintenance of your garden and outdoor area. So you only have to enjoy it. Isn't that what the garden was meant for?

  • Complete plant and tree care
  • Maintenance sprinkler systems
  • Fertilization plan
  • Complete site Maintenance

Your garden needs good care in order to develop

Good garden maintenance carried out at the right time is of great importance. This includes pruning but also feeding the plants. Only then can a garden fully develop. Your garden will become more beautiful every year.

The design of a garden can be as strong as it is strong, but a garden is never completely finished. Natural elements such as trees, shrubs and other greenery always continue to develop. A tightly trimmed or shaven hedge reinforces the lines of a garden. It is therefore of crucial importance that a garden is well maintained.

We are happy to take this work off your hands. Our employees are skilled in their work, which helps ensure a longer life for the plants and thus your garden. In addition, we use the latest garden technology for ponds, irrigation systems, swimming pools and lighting.

Why you should choose us


Equigardens specializes in the design, landscaping and maintenance of exclusive outdoor spaces around equestrian complexes. We have over 40 years of experience and know what is important to you.

We arrange everything

Whether it's your planting, paving, watering, pruning, fertilizing or whatever, we'll take care of it.

Just Enjoy

We make the garden or outdoor area more beautiful every year through optimum care. Everything remains beautiful, healthy and neat. So you only have to enjoy it. Isn't that what t

About Us

Equigardens is a Dutch company that focuses entirely on equestrian projects and is part of Fons Linders Tuinmeesters.

Started over 43 years ago as skilled gardeners and developed into high-profile garden masters. Fons Linders Tuinmeesters create the most fantastic top gardens.
Always designed from the heart and built with knowledge from the vision of the good life. Striking and controversial, free from traditional thinking.
Sometimes large, full of allure, then again compact and secure. They have one thing in common: they are always gardens with a surprise!
The size of the gardens plays no role whatsoever. Small becomes big, big becomes great. That is the power of a good garden design with the right balance. Look at some garden projects

All the qualities of Fons Linders Tuinmeesters are deployed within Equigardens.

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