Equigardens is specialized in designing exclusive outdoor spaces around equestrian complexes. Our challenge is to achieve an optimal combination of a visually attractive landscape which is also practical in use. We deliver tailor-made work by creating a balance between your wishes and the preconditions of the environment.

  • Landscape-architecture
  • Measuring with GPS
  • Creative Design
  • Technical details

Every assignment is a new challenge for us to inspire.

We specialize in designing exclusive gardens and landscapes. We deliver custom work by constantly searching for the perfect balance between the wishes of you as a client and the preconditions of the existing environment. The result is an experience of luxury, peace and harmony in a garden or landscape that is just right in every season.

Every desired experience and function of a garden is unique: from a place where you can relax to a business card for your company.

Our knowledge of equestrian objects works explicitly in your favor because the design and layout of a garden is different than the development of a landscape for equestrian use. This requires creative ideas and innovative solutions.

Every assignment is a new challenge for us to inspire.

Why you should choose us

Design to Construct

In addition to the creative designs, we also make the technical drawings including details as a starting point for the construction.

Everything right

The ideal garden or landscape is one where everything is right. In all seasons, Regardless of the diversity of our projects, they are always luxurious oases with max experience, aesthetics and comfort


As part of the (landscape) design we also make plans for planting, watering and lighting.

About us

Equigardens is a Dutch company that focuses entirely on equestrian projects and is part of Fons Linders Tuinmeesters.

Started over 43 years ago as skilled gardeners and developed into high-profile garden masters. Fons Linders Tuinmeesters create the most fantastic top gardens.
Always designed from the heart and built with knowledge from the vision of the good life. Striking and controversial, free from traditional thinking.
Sometimes large, full of allure, then again compact and secure. They have one thing in common: they are always gardens with a surprise!
The size of the gardens plays no role whatsoever. Small becomes big, big becomes great. That is the power of a good garden design with the right balance. Look at some garden projects

All the qualities of Fons Linders Tuinmeesters are deployed within Equigardens.

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